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ATTENTION: This is the best upgrade you will ever see in any product!

What If you can have a personal coaching and guidance that will ensure your success with this method 

And fasttrack it 600%

Thank you for trusting Trendzy. 

You should be proud of yourself, You’ve made the right choice so far and every purchase you’ve decided to add into your arsenal is getting you one step closer to financial freedom that you always dreamt of.

What I have for you this time isn’t a method or DFY materials, it’s a truly never-seen-before opportunity that many before you have wanted to get.

I’m offering you coaching at a steep discount, a discount that nobody else before has ever received.

It’s the FIRST time ever I’m doing this

"Why do i need coaching anyway?"

So why would you need a coach anyway?

Now that you have the apps, training, and everything you need to make this method work,

why would you need to hire a coach? 

Well, fair point - but let me explain:

Students Who Take Coaching Have A 570% Higher Success Rate

Did you know that students who take personal coaching have a 570% higher chance of succeeding in their field?

This is RIDICULOUSLY high, this is why good singers have singing teachers, millionaires have millionaire mentors.

A coach takes you where you want to go

Simply put, if you want to make money like your coach, learn from him.

I’ve been making 6 figures with Trendzy, and I’ve done a huge amount of mistakes, and learned from them.

I know what’s trending, and what’s good to go.

I have lists, resources, connections and intuition that no one else can offer you.

And I want to be YOUR coach.

But coaching is expensive (Good Coaching)!

I spent over $10,000 on coaching alone, And at one point, I even took a loan to hire a coach that will help me with email marketing.

I paid him $5,000 for 6 weeks of coaching.

Let me do some quick math for you,

That’s $40,000 PER YEAR.

And you know what? It was well worth.

It paid off big.  And i would gladly do it again if i needed it. 

This is just to show you how important coaching is.

Good Coaches cost money.. ALOT

And here’s why:

It’s The Professionals Time, Effort, And Resources

(Which could be spent elsewhere to produce more income)

A good coach, someone who is WILLING to teach, who knows his work, who knows his S*** is one that can take his time and money, and invest it elsewhere.

Why would he spend weeks to teach someone for $50, right?

And I’m no different. Because

Normally I Charge $997 - $1,997 Depending On The Needs & Work To Be Done.

That’s my fee, end of story.

And my students are more than happy to pay for it.
Because they see the value other students have got from.

Because they’ll make money.

And In my normal coaching, I DON'T have a money back guarantee as well.

Yet everyone is satisfied.

But today i am offering aFFORDABLE coaching

to 100 people ONLY

But - I know that when I do this, I reserve myself to the creme de la creme, funds wise.

And it’s hard  to deal with, because I know many can and will struggle without my help.

And I really want to help you see success in the closet way to guaranteed possible.

So I decided to make an exception, for the launch only, and of course, spots are limited.

Here is what you get:

  • You get A personalized Plan Delivered WIthin 3-5 Days to you so you can follow to make 6 figures.
  • We will be in Constant Communication together, listening to your problems and helping you succeed.
  • Access To Me Via EMAIL & Chat, so you can reach me even when I'm away from my computer. I try to be as available as possible for you.
  • 6 Months Of Access & Support so even if you’re “SLOW” we will work together and sure you SUCCEED.
  • Future Case Studies & Materials & Research Data, basically everything I learn or discover will be passed on to you directly, so you will always be on top of your game, and will always be one step ahead of everyone, and ALWAYS make maximum earnings from minimum work on research and NO risk, I’ll take the risk for you.

So - I Am allowing only 100 people in. NO EXCEPTIONS

After That, The price returns to $997

And don’t forget..

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy.

If You Become My Coaching Student You Are Obligated To Work With Me To Achieve Your Success.

If You Choose NOT To Work With Me Any Further AFTER We Have Started The Coaching And I’ve Been Working With You And Putting Energy In You Then You Will NOT Be Eligible For A REFUND.

Speak soon,


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